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Interesting collaboration between these two important artists from Vienna, Austria. Stangl is a member of the seminal improv group Polwechsel, and is also well known for his solo work. Kurzmann plays in Orchester 33 1/3 , with Christian Fennesz, runs Charhizma records, and appears on the self-titled improv document CD on Charhizma. On this record, Stangl plays acoustic and electric guitar and percussion while Kurzmann plays G3 (computer). This record shows the intelligent and interesting side of improvised music, this is rather well constructed and very well done. Atmospheric, continual soundscapes, ambient, the electronics of Kurzmann crossed with some guitar and percussion noises by Stangle which fit in well with Kurzmann's sounds. This records has been inspired by four favorite movies of theirs and by a quote from Austrian writer Robert Walser.