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vid jeraj
zarez, 07 2001

To stop is important

IZ(Z)VEN; Days of Inovations in music, Kibla, Maribor, January 27th 2001.
The understatement of the meeting through the improvisation music workshop, which took place in Maribor on January 27th, lead by the Austrian musicians Christoph Kurzmann and Burkhard Stangl was that «...the moment to take a pause in the music is of the same importance as the music you are, actually, playing.» The day before the workshop there were concert promotions of CD's from Christoph Kurzmann/ Burkhard Stangl: «Schnee» and Annette Krebs/ Andrea Neumann: «Rotophormen». The workshop participants consisted of over a dozen of young musicians whose improvisational experiences came from traditional or idiomatic forms. ( Sorry, but the sentence from the published text, which should stay here, had no sense at all – thanks to my dear former editor!!!). Burkhard Stangl (el. guitar, arc) and Christoph Kurzmann (laptop, clarinet) joined the participants of the workshop for a session at the end of the workshop, introducing Andrea Neumann on Innenklavier (i.e. piano's cordiera, without keyboard). They improvised ignoring the tonal concepts, focusing on reduction and minimal techniques. Ms. Neumann prepared her instrument using objects which belong to Wasserleitung and created different hums directly on strings. Her project «Rotophormen» brings musique concrete to mind (we should not forget Croatian composer Ivo Malec, one of the pioneers of that stream/ school!), making the bridge which crosses the gap to the modern cut n paste and sampling. The latter performed Ignaz Schick, Berliner post-free-jazz saxophonist, playing the electronics, joined Neumann for a duo performance. The important people of this music's scene, are also Werner Daefeldecker, Uli Fusseneger (Polwechsel), Christoph Kurzmann, Christian Fennesz and Dieter Kovacic from Austria. The musicians in Chicago are Jim O' Rourke, Kevin Drumm, Martin Siewert. The labels which've published this music are Charhizma, Durian, Hat Hut, Random Acoustics, Erstwhile Klangforum Wien. The similar tendencies may be traced through the work of composer Giacinto Scelsi and cello-player Frances-Marie Uitti. The project's political context is that it's oriented against current Austrian government.