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vital weekly 234

As modern technology penetrated the traditional world of music the battle between acoustic guitar and electronic sound was introduced. That is the actual concept behind Schnee, created by the two german composers Christof Kurzman and Burkhard Stangl. Despite the conceptual idea, the two experimentalist manage to make the two musical medias work beautifully together instead of battling each other. As the album begins the electronic sounds operate as a multilayered foundation for the colourful creation of weird guitar-strummming. After some time a more free-jazzy guitar-freakout are suppressed to the lower layer while the electronic experiments, ranging from bouncy bass-line to subtle elements of digital noise and power electronics, rush out to the front of the sound picture. If you're looking for the more "over the top"-type of music "Schnee" isn't the place to be. With its complex musical expression, the album needs a few listens before the realms are opened. After that "Schnee" turns out to be a pleasant listening experience.